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, as dell said it was buying perot systems forearly $4 billionn cash. in what woulbe its largest acquisition, dell looking to gain foothold in the lucrative information technolo or it services biness. the price tag lues perot at a ry rich $30 a share, or a nearly 70% premium to iday's closing pre. new york bureau ief and tech guru sco gurvey joins us now with a closer look at e deal. hi scott >> reporter: hi suzanne. you know, dell mak stuff and the mol to this story is that you can't make a lot omoney just makinstuff these days. dell makes desktopomputers and lapt computers and server computers. it makes printers aneven tvs. but there's not a lot of marn in most of the products. addition, dell got clobber by t recession because business custome put off upgradintheir hardware. and while delltuck with hardwa, its biggest competitors added software a services. hp bought electronic data system ironically another company started by perot. and ftware and services company oracle is buying hardware maker sun mrosystems. now de is playing catch-up. i talked tod with analyst tom smith at standard a
read right before they get their teeth pulled at the dentist's office. here we go. dell is goofus. hello. my name is goofus. and -- just a sec. props of course. goofus. all right. you got me? hewlett-packard of course is gallant. gallant buys electronic data systems in october 2008 for 13 billion. that was a brilliant deal that allowed the company to cut costs and expand into the lucrative consulting businesses, services. goofus trying to diversify away from the pc is buying perot to try to mimic gallant's success. but i think they bought the worst possible company for the highest possible price. goofus could have tried to branch out and do something different, maybe take a shot at palm to get in on the mobile internet tsunami/smartphone revolution. instead, it tries to do what gallant has already done before, only worse. stick with that analogy for a second. hewlett-packard's a teeth cleaning. dell's a root canal. all right. let's look at the details. hewlett-packard bought eds, one of the largest consultants with $20 billion in revenues. this is a really key number. remember, i
about the name. >> i finished. we gave all the information we have on the m and a. i'll give you dell's quote, closed at 1669. so dell is going to -- even though it's a cash deal you are seeing a little weakness, 1568 to 1609. >> you're talking about a lot more m and a over the last two weeks. series of deals or potential deals. >> yes. >> all right. our guest host this morning is one of the world's most successful and innovative builders of commercial real estate. dan tishman, chairman and ceo of tishman construction. great to have you. >> good morning, becky. >> he's very concerned about what's happening in commercial real estate, still thinks there's something we should be watching there. you're somebody that knows this inside out. this is something we've heard from many people in commercial real estate. is it significant the government seems to be taking notice of it, too? >> it's very significant. it's a bit refreshing. as i said for the last year, commercial real estate perhaps the second shoe to drop, the lagging cater, getting through the housing issue, single-family housing i
's number nine to dell. and dell breaks free. dell is down the sidelines, gets a block. walls able to get him out of bounds. harrison smith, it was. 59 yards. 59 yards to mark dell. >> pat: that's a good catch and run on third and three. remember the tackle of harrison smith. harrison smith did a good job of catching up with mark dell. perfect read by cousins. on the slant, if you can get it out in front of the receiver, you have a chance to run after the catch. >> tom: kyle mccarthy missed it. >> pat: his teammate, mares son smith. you never know when a play like that can save the game. >> tom: harrison smith saved the touchdown for the moment. the spartans have it at the 22 with the first down. winston. >> pat: give their offensive line love too. talk about notre dame's offensie line. we had two guys who generally don't start at left guard and center now opening some holes in the irish defense. >> alex: on the left side of the ball, foreman is sitting on the sidelines. trainers telling him he'll be out for a while with a sprained ankle. they're icing it right now. you said the left side
deal. here's tick by tick on dell this morning. down 3%. usually happens for the acquirer. perot systems obviously you would expect that to be up, up 65%. it should send up around 68%. it's also worth note that dell is up nearly 60% itself for the year. more than perot system, up 31%. michael ross perot jr., you're on "squawk box" this morning. >> the addition of the perot systems capabilities will broaden the, you know, ability for us to serve a much wider set of customers and certainly, you know, we'll take those capabilities to ju geographies. we think it's a very exciting opportunity. it's really all about growth. >> you know we have these huge opportunities in china and india, teaming up with dell will give us great scale in order to capture these opportunities. >> let's see if there's wider reaction as we hit the markets. we're going to cover them here and around the world with our special program. let's start with mary thompson at the stock exchange. >> weaker picture for the futures as commodities and commodity stocks are under pressure today. this is the dollar is moving
favorite. >> we like dell. i think everybody knows dell is dell. there is going to be a systematic restocking oft hardwt the consumer level and at the corporate level. we're already seeing that in some of the guidance dell is providing and it's going to be positive, we think, for them. >> paul: interesting selection there, financial and technology. erik, do you personally own any of the stocks you mention or have other disclosure to make? >> no, i own muscular dystrophyes that own-- mutual naundz own these stocks. i do own them indirectly. >> paul: very interesting. i want to thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> paul: my guest erik ristuben of russell investment. >> susie: recapping today's market action: wall street ends a five-day winning streak. the dow drops 22 points and the nasdaq loses three points. to learn more about theñatories in tonight's broadcast, to watch our streaming video and to take part in our daily blog, go to "nightly business report" on you can also email us at can the consumer help pull this economy out of recession and into r
opportunity. my, things have changed. change. >>> dell announcing it will acqui acquire. trading low irby 4%. tech sector pushing higher. the nasdaq is in the green although barely. dr. j, who really jumps out in the call activity, that was a little peculiar, wasn't it? >> it's one of those things that makes you say hmm as guy would say and he did say. i know he and pete were pounding the table for dell doing some sort of deal. sooner or later it's going to be a device as well or something in the video game space, i believe. but this is a $4 billion deal done without financing. i think a lot of the big tech names will continue to just gobble up smaller companies in the space and this is just one of many that are going to happen between now and the end of the year. >> options value -- >> melissa, the template was put in place by ibm and hewlett-packard. they were able to navigate through the recession by being in the computer service sector, and this is exactly what dell needs to do. >> right. it's a smaller scale purchase than say hewlett-packard and eds but both an acquisition that di fers
. ryan, joining us this week from wtvj in miami. >>> well, dell drives techs, your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, jon and kate's recent battles have, of course, been well documented. but what about the kids? >>> peyton manning passes a hall of famer, the jets are accused of cheating, and the tallest man couldn't help the mets. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning, and welcome back to "early today," i'm lynn berry, and here are some of your top headlines this morning. >>> ousted honduran president se lie ya has made a daring return to his country. zelayah is hold up in brazil's embassy where thousands of his supporters turned out in defiance of a curfew. >>> canada is facing mounting accusations of poor sportsmanship. ahead of the winter olympic games in vancouver, there were claims by foreign teams preparing, including the u.s., that they're not getting equal practice access to venues. canadian officials say they are following the rules. >>> and the los angeles times reports that unsealed documes show a pharmacist had warned anna nicole smith's i
. congratulations on all of this, by the way. before we let you go, shane, let me get your thoughts on this dell acquisition. biggest deal dell has done. we started the day off with that sector, something that you're watching closely? these two companies integrating? what do you think about this latest deal? >> we watch everything. it was interesting, you know, it's nice to see the reinforcement of our strategy. but remember, scale matters. our business will do in a year, or in a quarter what they will hopefully do in a year. and they paid a lot for it. they paid two and a half times we did for the eds acquisition. >> at this point dell's got to do something. everybody's sort of moving forward, if you will. going forward in terms of technology and innovation. where would you expect the big innovation to come? you can't say it's mobility anymore, can you? >> no, i think you're going to see a lot more fundamental changes at the software level. you're going to see new platforms come out. you've got a lot of changes in the personal computing space, with operating systems platforms and microprocessor
in new york we talk to donald dell about tennis and about representing athletes. >> you learn by listening, not by talking. that's the real secret. and i think the art of negotiation is really a study in human nature. if i want to do a very serious negotiation i never want to do it on the phone or certainly not by e-mail. you want to do it face-to-face so you can get the feel of the other person. and as i say in that book, the two things that really matter most in life, charlie, and you are a personification of it, are the relationships built on trust. that's what it's all about lz. >> rose: absolutely. i remembrance of 9/11, a program note our conversation with nicholas countries tov and sheryl udin will be seen next week. tonight remembering 9/11 and looking at the tennis finals this weekend. >> funding for charlie rose has been provided by the following captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: today marks the 8th anniversary of the september 11th, 2001, attacks on america in new york. the pentagon in virgi
of a reality significantly sooner. your competitors are gettg into the services side,dell couter announcing acquision, hewletpackard -- whose market share are you going after? >> if u look at dell computer d hewlett-pacrd and even i.b.m., they're at a space -- it's cled i.t.o. -- information-technology outsourcing. they're at the server, computer nd of infrastructe space. that's not where we play at all. don't do that type of service. we provide a rvice right above that which ialled document services. alof those services, i.t.o. services go to work people do. we take the document unstructur documents but even structured documents- written pages or typed memos or even a bill, for example,ould be unstructed in a lot of ways -- photraphs and the like -- an we managthat. >> as coanies become mor veically integrad from hardware to software t seices, does this cate new colicts and new issues for yo customers? hoare you goingo address that? >> actually, our customs -- we don't actually thinkit creates conflict at all. actually hps them to go to one person -- we call it sometimes onehroat to choke.
a dell computer, you might be eligible for a refund. dell is going to pay $4 million in restitution as penalties. a new york court found the company engaged in false and deceptive advertising. new york's attorney general said in some cases, customers paid for things they didn't get like warranties that cost them hundreds more. again, go to our website on and click on living smart to see how to apply for a refund. >>> ahead at six, the ongoing court battle over the late dr. martin luther king's jr. estate -- king jr.'s estates. >>> they said that the recession has likely come to an end. so if the economy is improving, why is it tougher than ever for people to get mortgages and car loans? we'll have that story and much more tonight, only on the cbs evening news. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor and my campaign sponsored this ad. the washington post calls bob mcdonnell a "culture warrior." and what does that mean for virginia? it means: bob mcdonnell introduced 35 bills to restrict a woman's right to choose. he wants to outlaw abortion-- even in cases of rape and ince
like dl. i think everybody knows dell is dell. ere is going to be a systematic rtocking oft hardwart the consumer levelnd at the corporate leve we're already seeing that in some of the guidanceell is providing d it's going to be positive, we tnk, for them. >> paul: interesting selection there, financial and technology. erik, do you persally own any of the stocks youention or have other disclose to make? >> no, i n muscular dystphyes that own-- mutual naundz o these stocks. i do own them inrectly. >> paul: ver interesting. i want to thk you for being th us. >> thankou. >> paul: my guestrik ristuben of rsell investment. >> susie: recappintoday's rket action: wall street end five-day winning streak. thdow drops 22 points and the nasdaqoses three points. to learn more about eñatories in tonht's broadcast, to watch our streaming video anto take part in our daily bl, go to "nightly busess report" on you n also email us at can the consumer help pu this economy ouof recession and into recover tonighs two ways to play takes a look. re's kevin depew of minyanvill >> repo
-- go to new york with vinita nair and "tech bytes." >> reporter: in "tech bytes" -- dell brings new meaning to the wireless laptop. introduces a computer that can be charged wirelessly. it works with a special dock. place the laptop on the dock and the computer powers up. it's no slower than plugging it in, dell says. and there's also an external monitor but the features are not cheap. the computer starts at $2,000. >>> microsoft is now offering free anti-virus software. microsoft security essentials can be downloaded from the company's web site. the software updates daily to stay current with the latest malicious programs. microsoft says it will not slow down your computer. >>> gps maker garmin is releasing its first gps phone. it has pretty much the same abilities at the other devices. it comes with preloaded north american maps, millions of points of interest like restaurants and gas stations. the phone goes on sale sunday for at & t customers, is $300 with a two-year contract. >>> warner music group reached a deal to put its music videos back on youtube. the label pulled its vid
in today's session. however, we did get big news on dell computer buying rowe systems for $30 a share. one of the most active stocks today. on a percentage basis, one of the biggest gainers. aig is active. a lot of news about this stock today. first of all, the gao issuing a report saying there are questions whether or not the company can restructure itself and repay the government. it's on the hook to the government for about $100 million plus in loans and guarantees, et cetera. the gao report did say certain businesses are stabilizing. aig, its former chairman is actually centering a restructure plan to the house oversight committee, one that would reduce the government's stake in the firm from 80% to 20%. and also as the government reduced the interest rates, asking aig to pay on the loans issued to aig. fertilizers are active as well. we had negative comments coming out of caterpillar. fertilizer, pressure after potash said the third quarter is at the low of expectations. let's get a check on the nasdaq. >> we've been in a tight range. we have held on to more strengths than anywhere el
. >> pat: mark dell did a good job of preventing an inspection there. >> tom: darrin walls had dead aim on him. >> pat: there's a blitz caused cousins not to be able to get enough juice on it. it's going to be holding against michigan state. but i tell you, mark dell a great job. >> referee: holding, 64 offense. ten yards previous spot. repeat first down. >> pat: the offensive player has to play defensively. at the top, number 2. see darrin walls is going to step right in front of that and a terrific job by dell to keep it away fromhim. he may have scored. >> tom: all the way down the sideline. instead, it's first and 20 now after the penalty from the irish 36. wide open, and the pass is caught by cunningham. cunningham gets a big chunk of that yardage back with 1:30 on the clock. >> pat: cunningham is an interesting guy for the spartans. he played high school basketball, played football his last two years, stilllearning how to become a wide receiver. but felt that soft spot there. did a good job. two guys covering mark dell. >> tom: got 11 yards setting up there. second and nine. blitz
chapter for perot systems and dell. >> yeah. that sound earlier today right here on cnbc's "squawk." there had been talk dell was positions itself to buy palm. with palm's steep run lately, dell releasing its own smart phone in china and having to integrate perot, it appears speculation over that is evapora evaporating. 80% of dell's business comes from corporate clients. this should bolster service business big time. >>> stocks are lower as investors book profits from last week's run up and head to the fed meeting which starts tomorrow. the dow is in negative territory -- that's dell. we're going to show you the dow in a second and let you know how it's trading. there it is. down 67 points. about seven-tenths of a percent, three-quarters of a percent. 9753 the last trade. the dow down seven-tenths of a percent. a quick look at the nasdaq in negative territory. >> there's a lot to digest on this monday morning. you've got g-20. you've got senator dodd's plan which i know you and larry are going to get to shortly. i'll leave that for you guys. a lot of momentum, actually, a little b
. and passiote about this city. back in a moment. we'll ta about tens. stay with us. >> donald dell is here. he is a tennis entreeneur, a pioer in the business of sports manement, a lyer, and ormer tennis player for fi decades he has reprented some ofports's most recognizae figures including arur josh, jimmy conners and michaeljordan, at the beginningf open air tennis he wa instrumental in et krooing e modern professional game. he writes about that and otr experiences innever make the first offer, september wh you should. i'm pleased to have donald dell, a friend of long-standing at this ble for the firs time. welcome. thank you, charlie. eat to be here. >> rose: before i go to this let's talk a bit of ten i -- nnis which hasbeen your life in part along with a t of other causes. the u.s. ope, were taping this on friday. and tomorrow is men's semi-finals, we ho. what does it look ke? >> well, if they d't play the nadal match tonight that was unfinished last night, they can't finish t tournament until mday. because they a only in the quarterfinals of the ms in that one partilar match. >> rose: on
action. > dell ring no carrier ring computer says it will buy no carrier pero ring systems for nearly $4 billion. no carrier ring former president no shap ring candidate no car h. ross per row ring founded the no c company. dell is trying to expand beyond the slumping pc ring market. and big pain down no carrier on on the ring farm could be your no carrier gain at the ring no carrier grocery store. usa today is ring reporting that ring no carrier a whopping 39% drop in farm incomes is translating to lower prices on pork and no carrier dairy no carrier > ring products. the average price of a gallon of milk is down nearly a dollar and ring a pound no carrier of pork is down about a quarter from a ring year ago, no carrier michelle. >> we don't want farmers to suffer but that's good news for consumers. >> that's right. >>> straight ring ahead, your tuesday morning weather. >>> and in no carsports, a late surge saves the colts. ring no c no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier
. >> donald dell is here. he is a tennis entrepreur, a pione in the business of sports managent, a lawr, and a fmer tennis player for five decades he has represted some of srts's most recognizabl figures including arth josh, jimmy nners and michael rdan, at the beginning oopen air tennis he was instrumental in et krooing th modern professional game. he writes about thatnd othe experiences in ver make the first offer, september whenou should. i'm pleased to have donald dell, a friend of long-standing at this tae for the firsttime. welcome. >>hank you, charlie. grt to be here. rose: before i go to this let's talk a bit of ten i -- teis which has en your life in part along with a loof other causes. the u.s. open, we a taping this onfriday. and tomorrow is men's semi-finals, we hope what does it look li? >> well, if they don play the nadal match tonight that was unfinished last night, they can't finish the tournament until mony. because they arenly in the quarterfinals of the men in that one particur match. >> rose: one quarterfina to dermine the last semi-fal. >> exactly. >> ros so what is
dell gave the nasdaq a boost. its stock was up 1% in wednesday's trading. wireless international jumped 7.5% on speculation at&t might be interested in acquiring its wireless services. pfizer, world's biggest drug maker agreed wednesday to plead guilty to a criminal charge relating to promotion of its now withdrawn pain medicine. the company will pay a record $2.3 billion to settle allegations it improperly marketed 13 other medicines. finally, one colorado man found a way to capitalize on the growing national debt. his creation is the big calculator. it boasts a 16-digit display, large muff to type out the entire national debt. >>> well, red-hot results from baseball's pennant races and a player returns to the game after open heart surgery. >>> plus, the white sox took the twins up against the wall. your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. >>> the national weather is quiet on this thursday, but the summer heat continues in all areas of the west. your regional forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. if you're just waking up, this is "early
into the upper 70s for national and delles. it's 74 degrees right now at national, 74 at dulls. baltimore at 72 degrees, along the mid-atlantic, 72 degrees, new york, 69 degrees. and always cooler in boston. but overall, we're going to see cooler air heading our way
will let some companies go on a buying see. and at's already underway-- big names like dell d pfizer have alrdy snapped up other firms. google says it's gng to. but stan selig of bank of americwarns not every sector is ready to ay "let's make a al." >> you won't see deals at e moment in those areawhich are most impted by consumer disctionary spending. so, retailnd leisure-- in those industries, you've see very little deal activy, and i think yoll continue to see less deal activity. in those indtries that are moreefensive-- health care, food a beverage related-- that's whe you're seeing deals, a that's where i think you're going to be able continue, or you will ntinue to see traaction activity. >> reporter: some vestors are also hoping rporate cash will come theiray in the form of dividends. but exrts say that is unlikely until threcovery is firmly established. >> once they start a divend, they're going toave to continue i over theast year, year and a half, s been okay to cut your dividend. yourtock would actually go up becausyou were facing the situion, doing what you have to do. en they
. the reason is clear with no carri one trip to the to the nearest ring emergency room. no carrier at dell children's medical ri center, emergency room doctors say most no carrier 26900 people they see each day ring suffering from flu no carri symptoms do have no carrier > ring h1n1. there are so many sick children no c here they've set up a flu triage outside the e.r. when the ring no carri h1n1 vaccine finally no carrier arrives next month, health officials say they'll do ring this all over again and expect even no carrier longer lines. don no carteague cbs > ring news no carri austin. >>> and just ahead ring on the "morning news," a check of the no carri overseas markets in ring our "moneywatch" report. no carrier ring no carrier plus, end of the tent. moammar gadhafi's ring tent in a new york city suburb no c is taken down. >>> first, katie ring couric has a no carrier preview of tonight's no carrier > ring "cbs evening news." >>> the global economic summit kicks off in pittsburgh as growing disputes threaten to ignite a trade war no c b
will let some companies go on a buying spree. and that's already underway-- big names like dell and pfizer have already snapped up other firms. google says it's going to. but stefan selig of bank of america warns not every sector is ready to play "let's make a deal." >> you won't see deals at the moment in those areas which are most impacted by consumer discretionary spending. so, retail and leisure-- in those industries, you've seen very little deal activity, and i think you'll continue to see less deal activity. in those industries that are more defensive-- health care, food and beverage related-- that's where you're seeing deals, and that's where i think you're going to be able to continue, or you will continue to see transaction activity. >> reporter: some investors are also hoping corporate cash will come their way in the form of dividends. but experts say that is unlikely until the recovery is firmly established. >> once they start a dividend, they're going to have to continue it. over the last year, year and a half, its been okay to cut your dividend. your stock would actually go up
martine dell portro. and after winow more from flush widows. serena williams and sister venus had not won a women's double title since '99. they were in control today. serena taking out frustrations early on champion that's were defending cara black and lisa huebner. the sisters win 6-2 and 6-2. tenth grand sm doubles title. meanwhile, federer trying to keep the the grand slam wins going. federer, powerful strike here. he would win the third set in a 2-1 lead. championship point we go. everything on the line. the return and roger federer in a rare moment of weakness hits it far. your new u.s. open champion, overcome with emotion as he pulls off one of the greatest upsets in u.s. open history. he wins in five sets. 20 years old. unbelievable. >> nobody expected that. >> nobody. >> especially not roger federer, i can tell you that. >>> up next -- an unusual rush at one convenience store. wait until you see this. >>> hot lanes are under construction on the beltway and interstate 66 could be next. about 200,000 cars use i-66 every day. they run into congestion for about eight hours on any giv
and go and play. >> in other nfl news, eagles quarterback michael vick met with roger go dell to discuss when he would be reinstated for the regular season. the commissioner made up his mind. he is eligible to play in the third game of the regular season. the eagles play the chiefs that week. they play the redskins week 7 at fedex. >>> the maryland terrapins are on there way to california as we speak. they kick off sad night against cal. chris turner leads the offense along with durel scott. this year's team is the least experienced squad. 28 players have never played a division one football game. there is one way this team can play if it hopes to be successful. >> we can't go out and go through the motions and think we can get it done. we have to be a blue collar team that fights for every yard we get. if we take that type of attitude, we will be okay. if we think let's chill, that won't get it >>> u.s. open tenn round american melanie needing her left side to be wrapped up. udan became the youngest player since jennifer capriati to reach the fourth round at wimbledon. she won in three
. on the flip side, dell of course made huge news with the ak sigs of perot. deutsche bank reiterated a buy with a price target of 22, but it's more because they raised their pc sales estimate. also, quickly, some big name laggards today. apple down, cisco down 1.2%. i want to touch on gymboree they're up. every day at these levels, you'll see a lot of analysts restate their highs. bull market still in effect. >> right. thank you very much. >>> now, economists are expecting no change in monetary policy as the fed begins their meeting in washington. one concern now, the weakening dollar. it's trading at a one-year low against the euro. gold prices up today to 1016. what does the fed have to do to prop up the greenback? let's ask robert, chief monetary economist for cumberland advisers and our very own in-house genious, steve liesman. >> you're buttering him up. >> i am. i'll go to you right off. the fed doesn't care one whip about the dollar, do they? >> i don't think that's right, larry. i think they do care about the dollar. i don't think they care to make it the end of their policy or the
-cap technology stocks. that has dragged the index down for much of the day. dell down by 2.5%. google down a half percent or so. for that stock to move a couple of bucks or so. microsoft down about 1%. the heavily weighted and widely-held technology stocks are the ones that are weak today. that's why the nasdaq has had a tough time for much of today. let's talk about shanda games, the largest ipo in the u.s. for the year. from a chinese internet company. went out $12.50. the stock down about 10% right now. shabda interactive is the parent company of this company that also trades here on the nasdaq. the story of the day, rimm has been dragging us throughout much of the day. >> several factors impacting oil prices today. geopolitics, supply and demand, and technical factors, namely the dollar. we did see oil prices finish the session right around $66 a barrel, up slightly. still down considerably for the week. down about 8% for the weekend. in fact, we are posting a loss here. and for the week. and still within the lower end of the range we've been in for the past two months. a number of factors tr
. they did downgrade dell to equal weight. however, because of the momentum in the market today, dell is ahead and cosco getting a nice bump. shares up 2.5%. the story is all about gold and other commodities, sharon, right? >> that's the hot story of the day. these gold traders here will tell you that's definitely the case. they're up around $1009. we're off of those highs right now, but this is still is highest prices we've seen since february. keep in mind, there are a couple of facts pushing gold to these levels. we broke through some key areas last week. that was without any help from the dollar. today, the dollar is definitely playing a role. that is helping gold prices and also oil. oil prices up about $3. above $71 a barrel as we look ahead to tomorrow's opec meeting. meanwhile, not only gold but also silver up about 30%. copper on fire. it is really a dollar story and these traders here, gold up, thaer taking advantage of it. >> thanks. >>> what does the rising price of gold mean for stocks in  general as investors return? the big question remains, can this rally continue o
. roger federerer facing dell potro. he won leg mason last month. federer knocked 11 double faults and 62 errors. dell potro claims his first major. >>> a new effort is underway to prevent cybercrimes against small businesses. details coming up. >>> plus, u.s. customs agents uncovered priceless artifacts from china in virginia. >>> and today president obama plans to visit the site of a success story in the struggling auto industry. >>> we have a beltway alert on the outer loop. drivers are losing the right shoulder. we will have more traffic tieups along with the weather with howie b. coming up. need a lift? hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪ i knew the subaru legacy was the smart choice... what i didn't expect... was the fun. the all-new subaru legacy. feel the love. by putting an end to paper medical records, we have ushered health into the digital age. saving lives, sometimes when seconds count. managing chronic conditions. making amazing new discoveries. and, oh yes, saving a lot of trees. kaiser permanente. thrive. >
of the retailer's my macy's program. >>> the stock was up 5.5%, $18 .77. dell was down. credit suisse is cutting its price target on the stock from 16 to 19. the analyst is worried about the acquisition strategy because integrated perot systems will pose a formidable challenge. an executive from hewlett packard thought dell overpaid. the credit card processer visa will remain the official provider of the nfl. the sponsorship costs more than the current agreement. visa shares up 1%. coming up next, two big names on the global scene. a it is-down with the president of the czech republic, vaclav klaus. he gives his opinion on the missile defense shield scrapping by the obama administration. the prime minister of qatar says where he sees the most growth possibilities. sheikh hamad from qatar and the president of the czech republic joining me next. work hard, mind. gecko vo: first rule of "hard work equals success." gecko vo: that's why geico is consistently rated excellent or better in terms of financial strength. gecko vo: second rule: "don't steal a coworker's egg salad, 'specially if it's marked
altera, pmc-see area not enough to get that stock moving. xilinx is up, and nasdaq is up. dell downgraded just ticking into negative territory here. costco raised to overweight from equal weight and that call also at morgan stanley. let's go to down sharon epperson at the nymex. >> gold is definitely in the spotlight right now. gold futures above $1,000 an ounce. the first time this has happened since february of this year, with the highest price we've seen since march of 2008. they know they are in the hot spot right now. we're looking right now at a familiar formula, helping to push the momentum in the metals market. we are looking at the dollar weaker, crude oil and other commodities high are and of course oil traders out opec meeting happening tomorrow. the momentum that we're seeing in the metals market is not only with gold, we're looking at silver which is continuing to outpace gold, up about 30% in the past two months and copper look looks like it do possibly reach that $3 mark as it did in september of 2008. again, the momentum there he helping to fuel the rally across the board
. >> eats's talk about this market. maria just read down some of those stocks. apple, new 52-week high, dell, ibm, and microsoft all to the plus side. and it's had a big run. is there still room to go? >> you bet there is. i mean, i am, like many people, in the sector waiting for a little bit of a pullback here. and i think we will get it, judge, at the tail end of this, the third quarter. in other words, i think if you're patient over the next ten days to two weeks, you can get a chance to pick up some of these names a little cheaper. but i don't think they go down much. >> what kind of a pullback are you looking for? >> frankly, i'm just looking for them to pull sideways. >> you just want an opportunity to get in. >> full disclosure, i'm long apple. i like that stock. pete's been on it for a long time. and i like these stocks that are going to be impacted by this upgrade cycle. the upgrade, of course, for microsoft operating system 7. so i like sandisk, for instance, sndk. i would like to buy national semi, but unfortunately the chips have really been hot lately. i'm waiting for a little p
putting a bid under a handful of tech names. dell off about .8% right now, but it's a good day for brocade, they've got a revenue-sharing agreement in place, dell is going to market and sell the brocade networking deal. google shares off about .5% right now. the company saying they're going to put their chrome research engine on some of their computers, some pc computers for sony and that's something they're working on with a handful of pc makers. melissa, back over to you. >> thanks so much. >>> more evidence of a housing market recovery. the national association of realtors reporting that july pending home sales rose to a two-year high. let's get the details from diana olick live in d.c. >> reporter: well, melissa, this is the first time in history we've seen six straight months of increases in this indexes. i guess that's what happens when you get the numbers as low as we have. the pending home sales index, contracts signed, not closing, rose 3.2%, and now 12% higher than a year ago. the index is now at the highest level since june of 2007. now the results were mixed regionally. the ris
, a mixed picture, dell and yahoo! negative. google is negative. semiconductor index just under a bit of pressure, a fractional move, but something that was weak throughout the morning, so, come back a little bit, why the nasdaq has tried to come back as well. intel fractionally weak as well. call your attention to alos they are rah put ticks, the fda has given accelerated approval to the company's key cancer drugs. come to the wall, i don't have a deco for. this a stock, ipo today, open for trading perhaps in five minutes or so called shanda games, parent company out of interactive. here is the deal, largest u.s. ipo in 2009, largest u.s. ipo ever, ever of a chain niece internet company. the stock is actually, i think opening now 12.50 or so where the stock is going out, 83 million shares that did price at the top of the range. an interesting story. i will update the next time i see you where the stock is trading. it has opened and up about .2 of 1%. larry, i think i'm sending it back to you. another interesting ipo is story good for the markets. >> is indeed. thank you very much. lo
, hitting its highest level since january, 2008. >>> and dell says it plans to buy the information technology services company, perot systems, of ross perot fame, for $3.9 billion. dell is looking to boost interest in its personal computers by expanding its it services for potential customers. that's it for cnbc first in business worldwide. now, back to msnbc. >>> welcome back to msnbc to on this monday afternoon, i'm contessa brewer. >> i'm savannah guthrie. >>> in the "big picture today" new allegations that john edwards is the father of his former mistress's child. the candidate is considering declaring these the father of rielle hunter's daughter, but the "times" reports an edwards family friend that elizabeth edwards "has yet to be brought around to the idea of her husband claiming paternity." keep in mind, the revelations come from a back proposal shopped by a former aide to edwards, andrew young. that aide once claimed he was the father of rielle hunter's baby but he has since recanted. everyone keeping up? young says not only is edwards the real father of hunter's child, he
.9%. dell up .9%. they're officially going to sell brocade gear as well. google, amazon, amazon now going to try to step in and stop google from digitizing millions and millions of books. so those stocks both to the down side. amazon by 1.5%. let's go down to sharon who has the oil trade and good gold news. >> that's right, brian. looking at wires that are crossing about the energy information administration aiming to have better data on oil and gas to provide better price discovery there. it's uncertain, though, whether that will have much impact on prices. gasoline supplies fell much more sharply than anticipated. what the market has been following has been the s&p 500. and that is why we're looking at oil prices that today were basically unchanged from yesterday. we're also looking at gasoline futures that were supported by this industry data. and also, keep your eye on what is happening in the gulf of mexico. bp has made a major discovery. perhaps discovering as much as 3 million barrels of oil in the gulf of mexico. seven miles deep in the gulf there at the tiber field. that field, t
've never had turnout like this. the reason is clear with one trip to the nearest emergency room. at dell children's medical center, emergency room doctors say most of the 200 people they see each day suffering from flu symptoms do have h1n1. there are so many sick children here, they've set up a flu triage outside the e.r.. >> these tents allow us to take some of the least ill patients, screen home in-to-make sure it's safe to take them out of the hospital environment and get them through the system, taking care of them home much more rapidly. >> it was crazy when we got here. it was actually scary. he was concerned, he was like "do i need to put on a mask?" >> reporter: when the h1n1 vaccine finally arrives next month, health officials say they'll do this all over again and expect even longer lines. don teague, cbs news, austin. >> couric: now to those devastating floods in the southeast. the water finally began to recede outside atlanta today. most highways have reopened but some neighborhood are still under several feet of murky brown water, the flooding is blamed for at least ten dea
neighborhood. >> r. >> announcer: now, baltimore news. >> we start tonight on the dell luge in dundalk. it stopped gushing days ago but the headaches are just starting. folks in dundalk are still clearing up and drying out after that huge water break flooded 100 homes and hundreds of cars on friday. we're back there tonight as folks try to get things back to normal and, billy, i'm sure that's not easy. >> like you speak no english. >> reporter: forget the office. kevin garrett tee was back to work cleaning up his flooded basement. >> i thought about what i should put in there, should i put nothing in there because i don't care if it happens again. >> reporter: but his basement filled with 5 feet of water during friday's water main break. >> it's stressed, just really stressed. >> reporter: but as renter mary lynn lynch is not sure yet. >> my son's clothes are gone, he had the front basement and he just lost everything. >> reporter: many parts of logan village look like a disaster zone with back yards full of trash and plywood and front yards littered with mud- caked clothes hung out to
flooding has been felt. officials saying lives have been lost. when the dell youth struck istanbul it -- deluge struck it caused two streams to overflow into traffic. in the panic, drivers abandoning their vehicles. this man had become separated from his friends, his car seemingly moments from being swept away. his only chance, a desperately leap into the floods. he reaches safety. the relief, obvious. but some people have not been so lucky. officials say they have already recovered bodies from flooded buildings. >> the sad part is the loss of lives. we do not have the chance to bring them back. but our rescue works are going on. >> with water levels more than a meter high in places, the only way to evacuate some buildings has been from the air. and as the floods in istanbul recede so rescuers are making grim discoveries. with further heavy rain forecast in the area their task may get even harder still. bbc news. >> the afghan electoral complaints commission backed by the united nations for the first time validated some ballots from last month's presidential elections because of fr
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